This ‘Manspreading’ PSA Tells You The REAL Reason Why Men ‘Manspread’


If you’ve ever been on the NYC subway you’ve probably encountered “manspreading.” For those who are unaware about this problem plaguing New York, manspreading is when a man sits down on the subway and takes up more than one seat by spreading his legs as far as possible.

As seen here

(Source: YouTube/markmalkoff)

But FINALLY someone has created a manspreading PSA to let all of us ignorant (and annoyed) subway riders in on why men need to spread their legs on a crowded subway.

It’s called Manspreaditis

(Source: YouTube/markmalkoff)

The disease keeps men’s legs permanently apart and it’s “tragic.”

Oh, ok. That makes sooo much sense now!

(Source: YouTube/markmalkoff)

To all those who suffer from Manspreaditis, we are sorry. “Spread your legs and fly away.”

Educate yourself on this ‘disease’




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