she refused to stand up for me (I am 8.5 months pregnant)…


she refused to stand up for me (I am 8.5 months pregnant) and instead told me to ask another person to give up their seat.

-Beverly Guilas (facebook)



  1. Oh I got on BART and cast on my leg and crutches. Asked if someone in the handicap seat would get up, no one did. Ok I sure can make it to the train conductors speaker and this train will not move. Finally a young teenager got up and I sat down with a very sad thank you.

  2. This was every day when I was riding. I have a blown knee and need a cane to get around. Nobody ever gives up a seat. They just shove their face in a screen and pretend not to see you.

    • I’ve been known to go up to an able bodied person in a disabled seat and if they don’t yield voluntarily, pull out my disabled pass and say quite loudly, “I’m disabled, give it up!” Works every time.

      • It’s Priority Seating, (emphasis on PRIORITY). It’s NOT exclusive seating for the disabled, you dumbolina. Anyone can sit on those seats. If you pull out your fake disabled card, you better go through with your threat do sit your butt there. That person that you bumped can still sit next in the other priority seat.

        • Your brain clearly has been damaged if you think that priority seating means that it is first come, first serve. Learn to read the damn signs which clearly states that priority seating is for the disabled, seniors or pregnant women. If you don’t fall into any of those categories then you better move your ass out of there. Losers like you are the reason why bart is such a sad and miserable experience for most people. I would have probably yelled at your ass if you were sitting in priority seating while a pregnant woman stood. Stupid, asshole.

  3. I’ve loudly announced “this person needs a seat” when a senior/disabled or pregnant person boards. This usually embarrasses someone into getting up.

    • Just so you know, Ive seen that backfire and that person get their ass chewed out so do that if you want to, but be aware you have no idea who that person is or is capable of.

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