Round Two…..


Round Two…..

Beggin ass gypsy chick: can you spare a few dollars so I can get my daughter some food?

Me: can you spare a pen, cause I got a job application in my pocket to give you. All you need to do is fill it out. I’ll even drop it off for you.

Beggin ass gypsy chick: all I asked for is a few dollars

Me: all I ask is how much money did you earn today when you was counting it in the middle aisle? Cause like in the bible, I need my 10% from you

Beggin ass gypsy chick: your not funny, and your harrasing me

Me: your not broke, you got that big ass house in Fremont, you got that silver 2016 Toyota Camry parked at Union City BART, and yo kid be eating hella snacks. She smell like fruit by the foot so obviously she don’t need lunch. And you got cracker crumbs on yo blouse, y’all ain’t starving

Beggin ass gypsy chick: I’m calling the cops on you for harassing me.

Me: I’m calling CPS, IRS, INS, the FBI, and McDonald’s on yo ass, let them know I found an able bodied woman with a young kid and a big ass house in Fremont that’s willing to do something strange for a piece of change

Beggin ass gypsy chick: fuck you

Me: oooooh, no can do maam, I wouldn’t even fuck you if you gave me all the money in your pocket, and according to my dick, you didn’t earn enough today.

Beggin ass gypsy chick: *gets off at Embarcadero angry*

People sitting behind me: *laughing their asses off*



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