Not Just BART, But Pretty Much the Whole Damn City of Oakland Is Going on Strike


Along with not being able to BART to work come Monday, you also won’t get your street swept or sewer-line fixed if you’re living in Oakland.

Oakland city workers this morning announced the big news that they, along with BART employees, will walk off the job on Monday at 7 a.m., in protest of stalled labor negotiations.

In other words, Monday will feel much like a holiday, except you’ll have to work and still try to get that long list of errands done.


The silver lining, if any, is that parking enforcement will also be on strike, so this might be your one day to park wherever you damn please and not pay a cent.

BART workers confirmed they will be at the picket lines at 2 a.m. on Monday, when the first shift of BART employees typically start work.

“Unless a great deal is signed by Sunday, which I doubt is going to happen,” says Gary Jimenez, vice president of SEIU Local 1021, one of the many unions calling for a strike on Monday.

The unions, including SEIU Local 1021 and the Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21, called this one-day strike “historic.” The last time the city workers went on strike was in 1946, Jimenez told reporters.

But after 15 weeks of unresolved labor talks, the unions, which represent more than 1,500 city workers, claim there’s no other choice.

“We did not choose to be on strike, we’re being forced to be on strike,” says Dwight McElroy, a public works employee.

While city workers — including clerical, maintenance, and public works employees — are planning to strike for only one day, Jimenez says the BART strike could last longer.

More details coming …



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