Just because you look old doesn’t mean that you are!!!

Just because you look old doesn't mean that you are!!!

This hag gets on every morning at Bayfair and loves the priority seats. She doesn’t always get one nor does she ask anyone to get up, so she probably shouldn’t be in them. So a lady with a cane gets on at San Leandro, stands right in front of her, I could see herewith her head down but straining her eyes to see if anyone was looking. Finally outside of all the BS a lady in a seat near the end of the car offered her seat to the lady with the cane and stood in front of the hag all the way to SF!!! Hey bad genes doesn’t equal priority seat entitlement!!!!



  1. What the hell is wrong with these people? I don’t like standing either, but denying a seat to someone with a cane?!! I just don’t get it!

  2. I can trump that! Two young bitches in the priority seats wouldn’t get up for a woman with crutches and a cast (she asked them nicely for a seat). Pictures on another posting, but little blondie finally moved for the old man with luggage once I gave her the big stink-eye. The poor lady on crutches backed out of the train before I had a chance to yell at the seat hoggers. How’s this, “these seats are not for YOU, so GET UP!!” Are people being raised by wolves these days?

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