Happy almost Thanksgiving…and backpack day!!!

Two people with their backpacks in my face, side by side. Nice of them to do this. At least the dude on the left turned the other way and took his backpack out of my face. The guy on right did not even budge until we reached SF.
And you see that other guy with the headphones on the other side? This nice fellow blocked everyone from getting off at Montgomery. Just stood in the middle with his loud music blaring.
Cant we ask one day during the holiday week for less of these clowns to be on bart?????

At least I don’t have to deal with this for a few days….



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  1. Yeah I have seen that homeboy before the one with his headphones blaring…always gets on at Fruitvale and then blares his music while blocking the doors.
    Home boy needed to move his ass so I did it for him. He was pissed and yelled at me for doing it, so I looked back and told the fool that I was a former marine and navy seal trained homeboy who he needed want any part of.
    Love it how these so called Teflon tough guys try to start shit with me.

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