For all you ladies who take MUNI! Please be careful!


WARNING to all SF MUNI riders⚠️‼️
SEEN: this man
WHAT: molesting unsuspecting women on public transit
WHEN: Thurs, March 30, 8 pm
WHERE: on the outbound N Judah (around Duboce Park through inner Sunset)

This is a PSA for all women and men on SF MUNI to be aware and on the lookout for this man. I have seen him TWICE molesting women on the N Judah (and I was the unlucky recipient this evening).

His MO: He will approach a standing or sitting woman (in packed commute hour trains or emptier late evening trains) and rubs his crotch (and gets excited) against the unsuspecting victims.

He wears a jacket with duct tape on the sides, carries the same camouflage backpack, and wears a hat with wraparound sunglasses.

Tonight, there were multiple witnesses that saw what he did and offered assistance and reassurance to me. I am worried because a woman by herself also verbally defended me after the man started screaming at me right before I exited the train. Do we not even get to feel safe on our public transportation?

This man is a repeat offender and I am so disgusted and angry that I have to worry about things like molestation and assault on top of things like someone pickpocketing or grabbing my phone. MUNI and SFPD…what are you doing about people like him?

SFMTA | San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
San Francisco Police Department
Mayor Edwin M. Lee

APRIL 1 UPDATE: Thank you all for your messages and for sharing this post with your networks. I know it may be tedious to read through the comments so I want to state here that yes, I reported this on 3/30 to SFPD and MUNI. Several witnesses and additional victims have come forward, and I am sharing that with the appropriate channels. I also plan to contact local news / media. Let’s help get this guy so he stops terrorizing women.

APRIL 3 UPDATE: Thank you, ABC7 News and Lilian Kim ??????…/sfpd-searches-for-suspect-in…/1834354/

TO REPORT an assault: During – CALL 911 and call the MUNI operator. Try to note the car number.
In SF proper, call 311 and it is a 24 hour call center that triages SF city issues, otherwise the # is 415-701-2311. They will report to MUNI.
SFPD NON-EMERGENCY # 415-553-0123
MUNI CRIME HOTLINE #415-671-3181 (whenever possible, provide the line, vehicle #, location, direction of travel, and time of day)



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