Did the dog pay too?

Did the dog pay too?

(7:02amSF/Daly City Train from Bayfair, Wednesday 3/23/16) I could be wrong, but I didn’t see that the owner had a known handicap that required a kanine assistant. It had on a nice little red and black checkered vest! Yet no signage. Allergies anyone? So what!! She doesn’t care because it’s all about her and her BFF! Very nice on an already crowded and increasingly more crowded train. Aaahhh don’t you love the morning commute!



  1. Yeah and what happens if that little animal bites me you inconsiderate lady??? Huh???

    Nothing? Ok, well then I will sue both you and your mutt friend.

  2. On last night’s commute the train operator announced that animals are not allowed on the seats. He said that if the animal did not move to the floor, he would assume it was not a service animal. He gave another warning, and this time told the rider he would call the police. This is the first time I have heard a train operator DO SOMETHING about bad passenger behavior. SF to Pittsburg train, around 5:40.

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