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I was on the 49 bus when I saw a woman grab the black lady’s portable radio and throw it (hitting me.) Then the black lady went up to her and told her to go pick it up. After a bit of a stand off the black lady grabbed her glasses. Then the old white guy went crazy and tried to “help.” I started to record then. At :22 you can see him bite her hand, and at :34 he clubs her a couple times with his cane. The woman who started the whole exchange can be seen at the end of the video on the left smiling broadly, and checking her glasses. If you know who it is, let me know.

I stayed behind, and when the cops came I told them what happened, and showed them a bit of the video. An ambulance was called for the woman who got beaten, but she walked off before it arrived.

Recorded on my Samsung Galaxy Note II.




  1. I said that every time it escalated. The second time I said it was because he called the lady a black ass, while a black guy was trying to break them up. I thought that he was going to get involved too. Obviously the last time was because he was whacking her on the head with his cane.

  2. The bum pulled out her cell phone to call the police. Clearly she does not hold a steady job to be able to afford a phone. So our tax dollars are spent funding homeless– jobless people, phones and health care. Although she seems to not be taking advantage of Obama’s health care reform… I digress back to.. Thank you Obama phone!

  3. I love how that woman in the black jacket is just sitting there enjoying the chaosAnd that guy is a riot! “HER GLASSES!!” “LET IT GO!!”

  4. No, they weren’t stinky. Usually it is just the homeless that smell up the bus. I don’t think that the two who fought on the bus were homeless.

  5. Lol… I know it’s not supposed 2 be funny but I can’t help loving this video, it’s priceless! Black ass rotfl!

  6. :39 he’s holding on & yanking the hell out of her hair & then yells, “DRIVER!! GET HER TO LET GO!!!” Lol!!! Thank you driver!!

  7. If you listen closely you can hear him say “I’ll kill you” before he shouts out “BLACK ASS!” The guy sure was a weirdo, and he sounded like a cartoon character. Anyways, if you liked this video you should check out some of my other ones, I have a whole bunch of footage of crazy bums. I have new stuff that I’m going to put up soon too, like a bum doing surgery on a pigeon O_O!

  8. Well, there really was no point to those comments, they weren’t funny and they didn’t add to the discussion. My personal philosophy is to leave all of the comments that aren’t spam, and let the distasteful ones get hidden due to low rankings, however I didn’t like those comments, and the fact that you commented about them was enough justification for me to delete them.

  9. Lol, it was the black guy wearing the green and white specs that took the
    glasses from her and gave them to the owner. You can see him reach for them
    at :13, then he goes back to give them to the owner.

  10. So basically the owner of the glasses is the one who started it all by
    throwing the black lady’s radio so she retaliated by taking her glasses,I
    don’t blame her.But you did see when the bus driver said “the cops are
    coming guys” who got off of the bus??Miss Smiley,because she already knew
    that her actions was the cause of everything so she got the hell out of

  11. On my way from church, it was my radio, notice my headphones, this began by
    me telling/asking the less cultured to cover their mouths when
    coughing; having spent years with a trach and only one eye w/ a cataract
    the left removed. The old white guy was sitting across the aisle and came
    out of nowhere; a young white guy stopped him. Notice everyone leave. I’m a
    woman leaving The Excelsior District (Hispanic & Asian) I had just moved
    from after 14 months and this is part of why. I live at Veterans Commons
    now, but I see b/ack/white, black/black,
    have/have-not violence often. I’m ready to give up on S.F. at 61 y.o.
    there’s less and less I can do to help or be helped…

  12. Lee oh i live in sf in the mission district but often go around the
    tenderloin, but i never get to see no fights just ghetto ass people smoking
    crack and showing their crack (ass) I often ride muní but never get to see
    a real or a good fight. Lol you should be a repórter.

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