Bicyclist yells @ disabled girl….

Bicyclist yells @ disabled girl....

Today I had a crappy commute on Bart.
A group of about 10-15 teenagers with developmental disabilities (down syndrome, brain issues, etc) got on the (crowded) train @ PH station.
By the the time we hit Lafayette station, the train had become stop & go & was traveling rather slow/jerky. This didn’t sit well/scared one of the female teenagers in the group & she started crying… It took 5 min or so for her teacher to calm her down.
This isn’t what bothered me…. It’s what happened @ MacArthur station…
This A-Hole with an (expensive) bike gets on the train & starts yelling at the same young girl telling her to move because his bike has priority in her spot (next to the door, with a rail…. the same spot that has a wheel chair icon).
The teacher didn’t lose her composure at all, she politely tried to shuttle the girl to the center of the train, all the while the guy with the bike continued to bitch & yell at a rather high volume (I was sitting at the far end of the very crowded train & could hear him very clearly, yet do nothing).
After a few minutes I decided to vacate my seat & move to the door. I didn’t have any intention of confronting this guy after the fact, but I wanted to prevent any further harassment from this idiot. By the time I got to the near the door, the group exited. However, I was able to snap a pic of the guy.
I think he sensed the hostility toward him on the train, because he made a hasty exit @ N.M.



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